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Democracy – Criminalising a population

Firstly, I have very strong views about what a Democracy is and I have studied its roots and a true democracy is what Australia is headed for, that is not a good thing. Athenian democracy, to which western world democratic practices hail their roots, was based on the rich and powerful dictating how one should live, pontificating about the world according to them. The people allowed to live in that democracy thought it wonderful how the rulers kept the city running so beautifully and how their voices too could be heard should they desire it to be so.

But then… The voice says ‘don’t look behind the curtain Dorothy, that man is nothing to do with the great and powerful Oz…’ behind the curtain in early democratic Athens were the poor, the slaves to the wonderful new democratic process, working 24 hours a day to keep the well-to-dos comfortable, to allow the philosophers time to contemplate their navals.

I have problems with the concept of individuals being rehabilitated to lead a lawful existence, I ask, a lawful existence according to who?

I feel that governments should stop trying to find new ways to criminalise the public because that has a very nasty end to it, the slaves will revolt.

Conservative governments are the worst for the criminalisation of the ‘other’. A lot of time and energy has gone into creating the ‘rich’ and the ‘poor’ in Australia since Tony Abbott became PM. Now the LNP have the Australian public referring to themselves as ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ and with this they have achieved the first step to creating an enemy within.

There are many layers to society, with many social strata’s within these layers and you cannot create a dichotomous population due to all the different cultures, so they have cut right to the chase and split Australian society down the middle, they have created an economic dichotomous society to enact a Manichaean conflict between rich and poor/good and evil.

Most times crime eventuates from a constructed influence, sometimes that influence is simply an opportunity that power mongers latch on to further an agenda, but make no mistake, crime ensures control.

A lot of countries indoctrinate their population early on with fears of being unpatriotic, mostly it was religion that instilled this fear into a population, but with more and more secularisation, that door to fear has been closing, now the big one, terrorism. Can’t say this, can’t do that etc.. because a lot of time and money has gone into instilling fear into those who were not indoctrinated with fear as they grew up.

Want less crime, stop creating new criminal activities.

VHS comes out, it attaches to your television and you can record programs you don’t want to miss, but hang on, there’s a clause, its illegal to record a program without getting consent from the producer, the director, the 3 main characters etc.. So they give you this new technology, show you how to use it but then tell you if you do use it, you can be find or jailed.

So they create new crimes every time they give you new technology. How many of you read the privacy statement, or terms of use statement when installing software you have just purchased? Almost every activity a person participates in daily, is set to criminalise that person if some unseen other decides its time.



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