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Day 167 – And so Qantas steps forward, and all take a deep breath and wait….

Everything is on the table, the roads, the rail and even the sky. Everything is up for grabs as Qantas begins its appeal to make a play for Abbott government assistance, not tax payer monies but the repeal of the Qantas Sale Act: The Qantas Sale Act explained By David Flynn, to which we all know eventually ends with tax payers footing some type of bill, its how big business survive.

Never underestimate the power of the people. You are able to withhold or provide your support. Big corporations may have billions of dollars, but where do you think it comes from, the workers!

This is just a major, well funded corporation looking for a reason to leave Australia, like rats fleeing a sinking ship. Qantas boss Alan Joyce says government policy must change to guarantee airline’s future.

This is just an obvious ploy to change conditions by attacking the act itself. However, as public scrutiny shows, “on 26 March 2012, Qantas announced it would set up Jetstar Hong Kong with China Eastern Airlines Corporation, which will begin flights in 2013. No budget carrier has a hub at Hong Kong Airport, which had 54 million passengers in 2011.[31] Qantas and Emirates began their historic alliance on 31 March 2013, in which their combined carriers offer 98 flights per week[33] to Dubai, that saw bookings up six-fold.[34] To accommodate Muslim sensitivities, the airline has banned pork from all flights bound to/from Europe,[35] which provoked a backlash on social media.[36]”

So why, after the Abbott government has seen to the closure of the car industry, the SPC cannery and by extension; Orchardists, car parts manufacturers and spare parts stores, waste disposal mum and dad companies and even the 12000 public servants in and of Australia, why is Alan Joyce seeking an Abbott government to save Qantas? Is this an effort to leave Australian shores due to lack of support by the Abbott government, or will Abbott back Qantas and this is an exercise in industrial relations, in the removal of wages and conditions that affect only the worker and not the government and corporation?

Below are the revenue statistics of the Qantas conglomerate, I believe that their extended company yearly gross more than compensates for their loss in other sections of their business portfolio.

It fits well with Abbotts justifications about the other industries he has pulled the plug on, so this will be an interesting round of discussions about the obligations by both business and federal governing. Will Abbott alter the act that will flow down to affect the worker, or will he reverberate his resounding no and then shield his participation in the closure of Qantas, by scripting the closest sitting LNP member of Mascot, New South Wales in Abbott style politicing. It won’t take long, so we will just wait and see which way the guillotine falls.

Qantas Defence Services
Main airline Qantas

  • Wholly owned subsidiaries QantasLink (including Eastern Australia Airlines and Sunstate Airlines)
  • Express Freighters Australia Jetconnect Jetstar Airways Network Aviation
  • Partly owned airlines Jetstar Asia Airways (including Valuair) Jetstar Hong Kong Jetstar Japan Jetstar Pacific Airlines
  • Affiliate airlines Aeropelican Air Services Airnorth Brindabella Airlines
  • Defunct airlines Australian Airlines (formerly TAA) Australia Asia Airlines Australian Airlines Impulse Airlines
  • Other Services Qantas Defence Services Qantas Freight Australian air Express
  • Qantas Group

  • Revenue Increase A$15.9 billion (2013)
  • Net income Increase A$6 million (2013)
  • Total assets Decrease A$20.2 billion (2013)
  • Total equity Increase A$5.954 billion (2013)
  • Employees Decrease 33,265 (2013)
  • Website


  • Key people David Hall (CEO)
  • Revenue Increase A$3.067 billion (2011/2012) Note 3
  • Operating income Increase A$203 million (2011/2012) Note 3
  • Website


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