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Day 138 – The New Life Boats are ready for the People Smugglers

Pushed back, towed back and now sent back in a lovely brand new, Liberal Government purchased life boat.

If those people who are put on to these boats by the Liberal government, are pushed back to Indonesia, does the boat then become Indonesian property? In effect, the Australian Liberal government is gifting a hundreds of thousand dollar lifeboat, to the Indonesian government, and on some levels the people smugglers, depending upon who gets the brand new life boat(s) first.

Is it one of these?

Or one of these?
I saw the second lifeboat on the ABC news when the story first broke.

Of course, for some of us, we saw this coming, the Australian people really don’t need to know about atrocities occurring at sea:

Scott Morrison has told the ABC’s 7.30 program that his weekly briefings will now be held on an “as-needs basis”.

The briefings will be replaced by a written statement unless there is something significant to report.

“We will issue a statement on the numbers of arrivals and the transfers, and we will hold operational briefings – like we will [on Wednesday] – when we have something to say and when we have something to report. We will do them on an as-needs basis to detail operational matters that are able to be released and we’ll respond to questions there.”

And just to show the Australian people how well their ‘Sovereign Boarders’ isn’t working, the Liberals government is closing down asylum seeker camps on the Australian mainland because as Morrison revealed last night: 1100 people have arrived in Australian waters and 1100 asylum seekers have been sent to off shore processing facilities in the same period of time. So just in case you became a little befuddled there: Morrison told the Australian people that we don’t need processing facilities on the Australian mainland, because people seeking asylum are not bought to Australia, they are flown straight to Manus Island or Naru. In the same breath, he also said that Australians do not have a right to know. When you deserve to know, he will tell you!

This is not stopping the boats. It is monsoon season at the moment and there is always a reduction in boats full of families seeking asylum. Those boats that have been intercepted have been pushed back to Indonesia, towed back to Indonesia and if all else fails, people seeking asylum from Australia are flown to Manus or Naru.

Morrison noted that ‘While he acknowledges that there will be an impact on some local business and service provider staff, these closures bring significant financial savings for the Government and the Australian taxpayer.’


You do realise that you have just said that although people will lose their jobs and end up on unemployment, that it will save the government money? A government I might add that is pretty footloose and fancy free with the Australian tax payers money. Liberal government are particularity drawn to this type of ‘toffing’ of the back of the worker.

Defence sources said the purchase of the lifeboats was designed to thwart the tactic of using rickety fishing vessels and sabotaging them at sea (as Rudd said would happen), leaving Australian border protection authorities no choice but to rescue them. When a boat is intercepted, the asylum-seekers could be transferred on to the lifeboats close to Indonesian waters with enough fuel and supplies to reach land.

The high-visibility, engine-powered lifeboats, are said to have roofs, can carry dozens of passengers, and food and water for at least a week.

Will those packed onto these life boats be locked inside them until Indonesian officials picked them up?
What if they do not find them in time?
What if they don’t even look for them?

This does not bode well. I fear for those seeking asylum, escaping from War and tragedies, civil uprisings and persecutions.

The word ‘asylum’ has two major meanings:

To seek shelter from danger or hardship
An institution for mentally incompetent or unbalanced persons

I think both meanings have there place in what is occurring in Australias name.



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