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Day 136 – Short and to the Point

When Abbott proclaimed Australia open for business, was the business he spoke of some type of secret that only he and his frontbench knew/know about?

FM Julie Bishop defends government’s decision to withdraw funding for PNG program

I do like how they have shortened (pardon the pun) Bishops defining title to ‘FM’. This is Australia, do you know how many names for women that Australians have that fit with just those initials? Priceless!

Photo: TB patient at Daru hospital in Papua New Guinea (Supplied: Philippe Schneider / World Vision)

Taking Australia’s decency for granted

Decency is one of our defining national qualities, but it won’t be for much longer if we continue to erode the living standards of people already doing it tough, writes Emily Millane.

Do we really want a society where we erode the living standards of people already doing it tough? Where we make it harder for people on a basic wage to put money away for their retirement? Are we really content to be fed a diet of misrepresentations, lies and half-truths about these matters, whether from politicians or a compliant press? I suspect most Australians would answer these questions in the negative. That being the case, we need to be vocal about the kind of decent society we aspire to, rather than sleepwalking into a society we don’t recognise as ours (Millane. 30 Dec 2013).

Bishop says Nauru asylum centre ‘better than mining camps

Well lets put her in one, for a month or ten!

Bishop says conditions on Nauru better than in most Australian mining camps

Atleast miners get to go home once every two weeks at the very least, and they do not live in their dongas, they just sleep there.

Acting as Australia’s Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, has just visited the Nauru asylum seeker processing centre as part of a three day joint parliamentary tour of the Pacific.

The Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson Young, also toured Nauru and says the conditions there are inhumane and inappropriate for children.

I know which one I would believe, but again I say, put the person who validates the camps, in one.

Australia to contribute $37m to Vanuatu roads

Who else thinks that this is Bishop and Abbott buying camp space?… huh?? huh???

Bishop’s also visited Australia’s detention centre on Nauru and says she’s satisfied with the conditions there.

“They were certainly better than mining camps in Australia,” she said.
“And the standard of medical care and services I thought was very high.”

Lets put her in one I say. 1-year in either camp, treated the exact same way that those seeking asylum are treated. No specialties for Julie. The only difference is that she got there by plane… oh wait on, so are other people seeking asylum, they just don’t fly to Manus or Nauru!



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