Day 130 – Around and Around the Coalition Go….

The Abbott Government, it has been reported, is set to buy lifeboats, which will be used to return those seeking asylum, to Indonesia, should they be intercepted on ‘unseaworthy’ boats.

Unseaworthy, theres a new concept.

Who decides if an asylum seekers boat is unseaworthy?

The Abbott government does. More specifically, Scott Morrison does.

Morrison keeps low over Indonesia.
The normally firebrand Immigration minister Scott Morrison refuses to answer questions regarding Australia’s relationship with Indonesia in regards to asylum seekers (Source).

It seems that the Abbott governments other Indonesian boat buy back schemes’ are failing, that their much proclaimed ‘turn back the boats‘ schemes are failing, that their ‘pay Indonesian fishermen to spy on their fellow fisherman in-case they are in fact… da, da, da, daaaa…. people smugglers!’

Its all failing.

Australias staunch relationship with Indonesia, built up and established by those of the Labor governments, has been smashed down by Bishop and the Abbott government. The Australia/Indonesia relationship is failing and all because Bishop tried to assert her domination over her Indonesian counterpart and Tony Abbott refused to apologise for the spying scandal.

Its not as if he was left out there to take the blame for something that occurred during the Labor years. Its not that the former Labor government refused to acknowledge what had happened, nor did the former Labor government refuse to apologise for it. Tony Abbott did that.

Tony Abbott had many perfect opportunities to sort this problem right at the get go. The deputy chairman, Tubagus Hasanuddin, of Indonesia’s foreign affairs commission also offered an ‘out’ to Tony Abbott when he suggested the wording best suited to nipping the spying scandal in the butt before it went any further:

‘”If I can suggest: just express regret and apologise for what happened in the past, because he wasn’t involved in it, thus [he’s] not responsible for it.”


“Say it will be revised, so the relationship between the two countries can go well. That’s it.”

but it was ignored and now Indonesia is giving the ‘screw you’ to Australia because Tony Abbott is incapable of making an apology. He certainly is his adopted fathers son. Howard was incapable of making apologies also.



So, the Australian Abbott government, reportedly, is in the process of purchasing 16 large, engine-powered lifeboats to ferry asylum seekers back to Indonesia because all their other outlandish schemes have failed.

130 days in office and Australia flounders in the poisoned waters of an Abbott led government. Is there no reprieve!


The true face of the Abbott government front benches (Source):

I point the finger of blame for the genesis of the hatred we now see in politics, and in particular the hatred aimed at our Prime Minister Julia Gillard, directly at Tony Abbott, an attack dog from way back and more viciously so since the 2010 election. (Sunday, 26 May 2013 12:15 by Ad astra)


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