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Check but not Check Mate

The Federal Liberal National Parties Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) calculations have jumped from a perceived $1b on the 13th of December, to ‘its going to be “shocking” by Bishop in a party room mallee, with Morrison weeping because of his governments immaturity in diplomatic circles and he now needs to spend an extra $1.2 billion for offshore processing: ‘Its Labors fault, not mine!’ says anyone in the Federal Liberal National Party.

The Liberal MYEFO calculations have, in the space of 4 days, jumped from a $1b black hole in the budget, to $10b, up to $30b until last night when they grumbled and complained, blaming Labor of course, and upped it to $50b and this morning that has more than doubled to a projected $120b budget deficit over forward estimates.

Now, I am no mathematician, and I would take a guess here and presume that neither is Hockey, nor Abbott (I’ve seen his University grade weightings), but Labor submitted the budgetary forecast and revealed that there would be a $30 billion deficit.

Tony Abbott and the Greek tragedy of a political party that is pulling Australia apart at the seams, fell into office, and I have created a chronology of the things that they have said and done, both during and since the election. Last night the ABCs 7.30 political advisor sought to remind Australians about the excessive spending that the Liberal party has been ‘party’ too since taking office. This a trade mark action of any Liberal government in Australia. John Howard, as I have said in this article, was notorious for excessive spending habits.

Labor projected a $30b budget deficit going into the September 7th, 2013 election. They submitted an open and transparent budgetary outlook for Australia that revealed that the Mid-year Budgets Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) calculations would reveal, at the time that the Australian government went into caretaker mode, a $30b budget deficit.

Available from the Parliamentary Budget Office:

View the report as a single document PDF (60,447KB)
Or, view the report in separate downloadable parts by following this link

Since taking office, the Abbott government has:

  • Gifted the RBA $9.9b
  • Screwed relations between Australia and Indonesia, therefore requiring an extra $1.2b for offshore processing of people seeking asylum from Australia
  • They have increased the unemployment rate exponentially, hiking up government benefits to people now in need
  • Abbott is spending over $4m to repopulate the government limousine fleet with bomb and gas proof anti-terrorist BMWs imported from Germany rather than accept Holdens tender for the fleet that they had held for almost 65 years
  • Their broken promises since being elected:

  • They have said, ooops, the NBN will be costing more than we promised before the election
  • The childcare wage increase was a criminal action to support only union workers and unions are criminal Organisations – according to the Liberals.
  • Shredded up the Gonski education reform package and then back flipped because like any corporation, there were signed contracts and if a corporation changes hands, they are still obliged to honour contacts made under the former corporation, as are people obliged to honour any contract they have signed. The CEO may have changed, but the basic government protocols remain the same.
  • They sacked 12000 public servant workers, through natural attrition of course, before the ink had even dried on their “I will serve Australia’ oath’
  • They sacked Steve Bracks from a diplomatic position that he had just finished training for, had quit his other job to take on the position, before the oath was even recited. In other words, Bishop sacked Steve Bracks before she was in an official position to do so.
  • Abbott has personally ensured that by 2017, around 40000 workers (manufacturing and part supply stores) will be out of a job as Holden leaves manufacturing in Australia for good, after 65 years.
  • Hockey also tried to up Australias debt by more than $200 trillion dollars, but they promised to lower debt during their regimental election campaigning.
  • They demonised the Greens throughout their election campaign and then they made a deal with Christine Milne to remove the debt ceiling, so that they could create as much debt as they like as long as it is transparent.
  • They keep promising a double dissolution but that will be another broken promise because they have behaved so badly, nationally and internationally, that Abbott and Bishop share a very real fear that they will be voted out.

    They might have made that deal with the Greens, and they may well be transparent according to some twisted thought process they think they can manipulate into their coming year of politics. But they are tricky people Christine, and even if its in writing, they will wiggle out of some points, twist some of the wording and they will raise Australias debt to unbelievable levels. The Australian people will continue to lose their jobs, and as a result, they will be criminalised by the Liberal governments ideologies concerning ‘the age of entitlement.’

    There are no new job creation projects that any Liberal government will bring in to being, just read Tony Abbotts: Renewing the Social Fabric: Mutual Obligation and Work for the Dole.

    A greater emphasis on ‘under-employment’ will be the norm to inflate unemployment levels as I discussed on the 13th of december, 2013 in my article: We Might – Just Watch this Space says Turnbull.

    Now, hopefully the Abbott government are playing the last blame game, because a government that is simply incapable of running the country, that continues to blame a former government for the tiniest of things, becomes even more ineffectual, especially in the eyes and minds of those that did vote for them.

    Photo: Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey are set to release a budget update including a deficit of just under $50 billion. (AAP: Alan Porritt)

    With a show of more political theater, Abbott and Hockey smile and laugh at the state of things and that is because they don’t care. Its all a game to them. The state of the budget does not affect them, their wage, their pensions, their families, it all just a game of chess and at the last election they put Labor in check, but not check mate.



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