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Brandis in the Senate 19-04-16


I was listening to the Senate today on the radio and all that I heard was Brandis bemoaning the atrocious attitudes, behaviours and comments concerning the Governor General from the Labor senators…:

‘he is a man of high regard, indelible respect and a former major general, leading the international forces (INTERFET) in a peacekeeping mission to East Timor, whilst in the Australian Army in 1999… ‘
He goes on…

‘Maybe this could have been dealt with through a quiet and respectful letter to the Governor General, rather than use this time and this place as a sounding board for atrocious behaviours (these are not all his exact words, but this is what he meant).’

Brandis went on to infer, nay he out right proclaimed that Labor had no respect and never did for the (paraphrase) ‘sanctity of this place’.

A senior LNP senator spoke to a Labor senator in such a disrespectful manner, when he touted:

‘You are not in a Union meeting now, there’s no thuggery here senator’. (I think this was Brandis too, but that cigar smoking Hockey’s buddy Corman was also snarling in the pit, as too was that horrid woman Cash.. Well Mr Brandis, Ms Cash, Mr Corman, you revealed your thuggery, today and everyday since the demise of Howard as PM)
Brandis might think that he can bamboozle people with high educated BS, but that’s all he is trying to do. Cash screams like an old washer woman and Corman… well he’s like a ‘dag’, you knows it there, but you just can’t reach it to rip it off…

Then let’s look back to the Abbott/Turnbull/Abbot… governments childish, disrespectful, derogatory, bullying behaviour towards Australia’s Human Rights Commission president, Professor Gillian Triggs, for just doing her job…. Just saying….

There’s your narcissistic, pomposity exuding from every pore of the Liberal National Party…. that is their true selves….

In Australia we have a word for people who behave as pompously bad as Brandis and his LNP party…. Dogs… and when you lie down with dogs, you get fleas!

But as always, this is JMO



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