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Day 154 – Bound from Speech – but here you go

I would love to be honing my article writing skills, but the Abbott government has seen to instill an illusory fear of freedom of speech from the Australian public by bandying about such terms as unpatriotic which is a totally Americanisation now instilled into our Australianisms. We all know what comes after he has established ‘Patriotism’ into the Australian psyche/vocabulary… well I cannot even speak the word without experiencing a certain amount of fear.


Abbott on many occasions, throughout the election and beyond, has inferred that the Australian people, and the Australian Labor party even though they went through all the correct channels, cannot be trusted to know…. well anything…. and this implies that Tony Abbott thinks that ‘Australians’ are children…..

Tony Abbott has simply picked up from the very same place that old Johny Howard left off.

“Australia is Open for business” he spouts to all and sundry and yet Australians are losing their livelihoods in the thousands almost weekly, if not daily. Open for business for who I ask?

Just so you know, there is only one link to an ABC news article here, the rest I just dug up from all your friends.

More jobs go in Lismore under an Abbott Government

The South Australian Labor Premier, Jay Weatherill, says the federal government’s response to the Holden closure is pathetic.

South Australian jobs creation is focus of Council of Australian Governments following Holden closure

No Holden, Toyota doubt, recession maybe

Tony Abbott rebuffs SPC Ardmona, says bosses must tackle pay

Tony Abbott cabinet rejects $25m assistance plea from SPC Ardmona

3000 jobs at risk as Abbott cans SPC aid

I had a tear in my eye during this devastating blow to South Australians and all those small businesses, orchard owners, importers etc… and for Ian Macfarlane as he appeared to be under duress as he was set up to announce the Abbott governments SPC Ardmona decision. I am Labor through and through, but I am also a humanitarian and people are people and so far two major Liberal MPs have had to watch as their constituents livelihoods have fallen beneath the Abbott guillotine.

Tony Abbott and Ian Macfarlane announce SPC Ardmona decision

SPC Ardmona jobs in doubt after Federal Government denies $25 million assistance request


Australian Valuation Office job cuts criticised by Labor, unions

While Abbott fiddles, jobs burn

Australia: A tidal wave of job losses

And now the Abbott government have their sights on Australias ABC.

Aunty we call her.

Aunty has been a symbol for Australians, the ABC have always reported openly and honestly and this is to their detriment, because just like the Howard governments aversion to the ABC and certain shows on the station, the Abbott government have picked up the Howard reigns and all those things that saw Howard, Australias last Liberal Prime Minister, lose even his own seat, an historic moment in Australias history, are now being enacted by the Abbott government, especially work choices. When Abbott informs companies to get their own houses in order by rewriting their workplace agreements, its work choices rhetoric that he is referring to.

Howard was stripping away the state school system, so is Abbott….

When was the last time we saw Howard on Australian television? It was just before his devastating defeat in 2007. I thought that he had sought asylum in America with his buddy Bush. Now, he has been making Abbott adverts to say how wonderful the party is, what…. there was no-one else?

So, my hands are tied, I do not have representation or protection and so all I can do at the moment is post links to news sites that you can follow or not.



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