Cultural Equity Part-2 of 3

Cultural Equity on Australia’s Borders: Social Capital within sight tho’ politically out of reach.

Bibliography is included with ‘Cultural Equity Part-3 of 3’

“With War comes devastation and disconnection; with famine comes death and disease. Innocence of human life is lost and the shattered remnants of once great civilisations disperse across the face of the planet in search of
safety, in search of normalcy. This array of human life become psychological captives, trapped in the memories of what once was, only to be criminalised for wanting to be (McCarthy, 2014).”

Now (2014) there is a national panic driving an adolescent government without an actual focus upon Australia’s true economic fiscal future (Ryan, April, 2014). Politics is played and uncertainty drives an unsure political party (Murrray, April, 2014). As the Howard children enter ages for upper schooling, amongst other life melding activities, neo-liberalism is stripping away investments into their futures, such as axing the school kids bonus (Representatives, Bills Digest no. 88 2012–13), family tax benefits A & B (Representatives, Bills Digest no. 88 2012–13), and higher learning price increases. This pushes a flow on effect to already struggling families….

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