Asylum Seekers

They were warned, but as usual the Abbott government believe that they know best in international relations and ‘you will just do as you are told young man!’


Indonesia expert says Coalition plan to buy back asylum seeker boats will sour relations


Kevin Rudd warned Abbott before the election. Julia Gillard warned Australians during her years of coalition bullying tactics. The Abbott government however, knows best. Since they scraped through on the 7th of September, 2013 (18 weeks ago today – 126 days), to form a government, Australias international relations have devolved to such a point that people seeking asylum are not actually trying to get to Australia, they are trying to bypass it, to get to other countries.

Some of those now criminalised by the Abbott government, who daily pace the yard looking out at the world through wire meshed fencing, decorated with razor wire, who sleep with one eye open and whose vulnerabilities require protection not incarceration, they choose to go back to a certain death rather than stay in Australias criminal system.

That says a lot about Australias current sitting government.

I fear for us all.


Updated Mon 26 Aug 2013, 7:13pm AEST

Spying row: Julie Bishop says Australia setting up hotline with Indonesia to repair damage
Updated Fri 6 Dec 2013, 7:03am AEDT

Julie Bishop met with Indonesian counterpart Marty Natalegawa yesterday, 7th December, 2013, with both sides vowing to rebuild but nobody able to say how long it would take.

Mr Natalegawa has also warned other countries in the region to prepare for the potential of more spying revelations.

Just over two weeks ago, Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said Prime Minister Tony Abbott belittled Indonesia by initially refusing to address concerns that Australia had tapped the phones of the president, his wife and senior ministers.

Asylum boat buy-back: Coalition shelves plan in favour of anti-smuggling campaign

Tue 17 Dec 2013, 11:48am AEDT

The Government has acknowledged its Indonesia boat buy-back policy is on the backburner, with the money set aside for the plan to now be used on a public information campaign.

Before the election Immigration Minister Scott Morrison announced a $20 million plan that included buying back old boats from Indonesian fishing villages to stop them being used for people smuggling operations.

After the election the commander of Operation Sovereign Borders, Angus Campbell, told Senate Estimates that Indonesia did not want to cooperate on the policy.

Asylum seekers issued code of conduct

Holders of bridging visas must now pledge to obey Australian laws and comply with official requests.

The Government is now planning to invest the money in an anti-people smuggling campaign in transit and source countries.

Labor immigration spokesman, Richard Marles, says the policy was always silly.

“They have made clear they’ve not bought a boat and they were never going to buy a boat from Indonesian fishing villages,” he said.

“The problem with this policy is that it actually got in the way of our relationship with Indonesia.”

Indonesia’s relationship with Australia could take years to mend, politicians in Jakarta warn

Updated Fri 29 Nov 2013, 2:27pm AEDT

Indonesian politicians have indicated it could take years to mend the relationship with Australia following the spying scandal.

It has also been revealed that Indonesia is preparing to close its police detention centres and release asylum seekers who have been arrested trying to get to Australia.

Indonesia says a six-step “road map” will need to be ticked off before full cooperation resumes with Australia.

Angus Campbell reveals no boats have been purchased under Operation Sovereign Borders

Updated Tue 19 Nov 2013, 10:47pm AEDT

Lieutenant-General Angus Campbell, questioned at a Senate Estimates committee hearing, told Senators that ‘no fishing boats in Indonesia have been bought.

“All those measures remain available at this stage,” he said.

“But these measures, the one you’re referring to, isn’t one the Indonesian government wishes to see being applied right now as part of our cooperative activities – which we respect.”

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young pressed the commander, asking: “So it hasn’t been undertaken?”

Audio: Asylum questions dominate parliament debate (PM)

“It’s not one that we are working with the Indonesian government cooperatively on right now,” Lieutenant-General Campbell responded.

During the election campaign, Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, pledged a “capped boat buy-back scheme” to buy “decrepit and dangerously unsafe” fishing boats in Indonesia.

People smugglers selling asylum seekers passports and visas for entry to Australia by plane
Updated Mon 18 Nov 2013, 10:37pm AEDT

People smugglers are offering asylum seekers passports and Australian visas for entry to Australia by plane.

An investigation by the ABC’s Four Corners program has revealed evidence that people smugglers are selling the travel documents for up to $16,000.

The passports and visas could enable asylum seekers to enter Australia via commercial airline flights rather than by fishing boats.

In a series of meetings in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur late last week, an Iraqi national known as Abu Tarek was secretly filmed offering the travel documents to potential customers.

“An Australian visa, everything is proper – genuine passport, genuine visa,” Mr Tarek told them.

“They bring it straight from the embassy complete and you fly in your name.”

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