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Annabel Crabb: Our vote is worth every cent of $2.63 – Thank you AEC

Annabel Crabb states that our vote is worth every cent of the $2.63 of tax payer monies paid to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

How any Australian – after a month in which the US electoral system coughed up Donald J. Trump, the British system coughed up a result which killed a large chunk of its economic future, and the world watched Turkey’s president scuffle with his own army – can fail to utter a fervent prayer of thanks for the AEC, is beyond me (Annabel Crabb).

So, I say thank you AEC for:

  • Allowing me to be judged by bigots at the booths handing out my ballot papers because my last name is not the same as my partners
  • For telling me that there are no ballot papers left ‘so we will just say you have voted and you can go home… OK!…’
  • For giving me the wrong ballot paper and had me vote for candidates in other electorates,.
  • For not sending out my postal ballot paper
  • For closing the polling booths down after I had been waiting for over an hour to cast my vote,
  • For not allowing my children a vote because they work off shore, over seas or with the ADF

But mostly I thank the AEC for allowing my vote to be scrutinised by George Brandis, a member of the Party seeking to stay in government at all costs, noting that my vote, and those of my neighbours, who had chosen NOT to vote for his party, were invalid.

Now, I thank you for giving a big screw you to the people of Herbert by allowing a court decision to override a clear win in the seat of Herbert to the opposition, and give George Brandis’ party the opportunity to override our democratic vote and have a judge make a determination rather than the people.


Thank you AEC




2 Replies to “Annabel Crabb: Our vote is worth every cent of $2.63 – Thank you AEC

  1. How do you know your ballot was scrutineered by Brandis given that – oh why bother asking…. – please learn how the voting system works

    1. OH My Goodness, the entire article covered the litany of AEC problems around Australia. Written in the first person as sarcastically as I could, I became a voter in every region of Australia to examine why Australians should ‘fervently pray in thanks and supplication to the AEC’ as Ms Crabb suggested.

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