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Abbotts Davos Debacle

Abbott cannot be wholely blamed for his continuance of oppositional politics, because I have noted that ‘ALL’ the news stations refer to him in this way:

  • Australians Prime Minister, Mr Tony Abbott,
  • or Australias PM, Tony Abbott,
  • or Australia Prime Minister (pause….) Tony Abbott.
  • Even his beloved Sky News.

    He doesn’t believe, the voters don’t believe it, so this will continue to happen.

    Its like his flux capacitor has a looping effect which produces an image that Abbott begins to believe but then it loops back, puts him back in opposition and for another few months we all hear about his woe begot political blame game, and once more the Abbott government start saying Labor this, Labor that, and as they move on to the former government rhetoric, the flux capacitor loops again and Abbott and his front-benchers begin again with Labor this and Labor that.

    Mr Shorten says Mr Abbott’s speech demonstrated “in front of the whole world” that the Government is still “thinking like an opposition”.

    “Overnight in Switzerland our PM has made his first foray onto the international stage and what an embarrassing performance it was,” Mr Shorten told reporters in Melbourne.

    What’s happening in Davos?

  • More than 2,500 political, business and intellectual leaders are taking part in the annual invitation-only meeting in the Alpine resort
  • It’s held under the auspices of the Swiss-based World Economic Forum
  • The Forum’s website says it is “committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas”.
    But Davos has been criticised by anti-globalisation protesters and dubbed “fat cats in the snow” by U2 frontman Bono
  • Australia is prominent at this year’s talks because it currently has the chair of the G20 group.
  • “Overnight Tony Abbott had a chance to showcase Australia and instead he chose to take the low road of playing domestic politics on the international stage.

    “[There was] little discussion about jobs, a lot of discussion about domestic politics, and no vision for Australia’s future.”

    Mr Shorten said

    Mr Abbott discredited “a lot of the remarkable efforts of the Australian economy and Australian business who did so well with the support of the government to get through the global financial crisis”.

    Labor treasurer Chris Bowen says Mr Abbott’s jibe shows he is incapable of acting like a prime minister.

    “What we saw from the PM in his speech was a pretty tired old recitation of glib slogans and frankly, continuing attacks on the Labor Party for domestic political purposes while overseas, which is not traditionally the way a PM would conduct himself while overseas,” he said.

    “It appears Tony Abbott is pretty well addicted to being leader of the opposition and hasn’t adjusted to being prime minister.

    “In a speech like this you expect a bit of vision, a bit of detail.

    “You expect selling Australia and selling the Australian story and success under governments of all persuasions.

    “Tony Abbott appears incapable of doing that.”

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