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Abbott – Out with the old, in with the new

Goodbye Holden, I’m getting a BMW!

Bomb-proof BMWs will replace the Prime Minister’s Holden fleet of limousines

Tony Abbott in his high-security white Holden limo. Source: News Limited

Tony Abbott in his high-security white Holden limo. Source: News Limited this will be a sight we will see often, until the Pope mobile arrives that is.

Now why would Tony Abbott think he needs a bomb proof BMW instead of the iconic Holden fleet of limos already stationed in the government fleet? Is he pope Tony?

THE Prime Minister’s flagship fleet of high-security Holden limos is expected to be replaced with bomb and gas proof BMWs after Government sources claimed Holden had failed to bid for a lucrative $4 million plus contract to replace the ageing convoy of armoured cars.

On the back of the workers, Tony Abbott shuts down Holden with one hand and buys BMWs with the other. Geeze he’s a keeper!

When you do something like this, it only looks like you Mr Abbott, personally instigated Holdens decision to leave Australia, leaving around 40-thousand people in precarious job situations and 3000 people without jobs.

A further armada of 20 German built cars will need to be leased for the G20 Summit in Brisbane next year – at a cost of $2 million – with foreign leaders prevented from using the Holden Caprice as it didn’t meet their standards to protect against terrorist attacks.

I’m sure that people will line the streets to cheer you all on in your new BMWs.

Not bad for a budget emergency!

Millions and billions for big business, sweet ‘F’ all for the worker. Typical Liberals.



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