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Abbott, Bishop and the Great Divide

I have been a little quiet over the last week, and that is due to the fact that the Liberal party have been making a concerted effort to damage the ABCs reputation, by use of less than subtle innuendos and implications in relation to the LNPs actions and reactions concerning the regions sovereignties.

So, I have decided to simply provide, for a few weeks, links to news sites, other than, and including, the ABC. I have had to make this alteration due to loaded messages and imageries drawn and related by the LNP to bring disrepute to those who have a voice, should that voice not favour the actions of the Abbott government. So here you go, a list of reputable news agencies and their reportings:

China wary of Abbott’s ‘harder’ foreign policy – PUBLISHED: 19 Dec 2013

Lisa Murray and Angus Grigg China correspondents

The Chinese government is concerned about a shift in Australia’s foreign policy since the election of Prime Minister Tony Abbott and has warned the hardening of attitudes towards Beijing could threaten the recently signed strategic partnership.

Foreign policy experts, security sources, economists and military figures have all noted the cooling of relations since the Coalition came to power in September.

Abbott backs Bishop over China dispute – November 28, 2013

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott says Australia will speak its mind on China’s territorial dispute with Japan, after his foreign minister was accused of finger-pointing over the East China Sea stand-off.

Julie Bishop expressed concern this week over China’s moves to impose an air-defence zone over what it calls the Diaoyu Islands, saying the provocative action was done without consultation and could increase tensions in the region.

Abbott, Bishop aid row worsens

THE row between Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and his deputy Julie Bishop over proposed cuts to the foreign aid budget has worsened.

Ms Bishop yesterday reacted angrily to a newspaper article by a journalist close to Mr Abbott strongly condemning her performance as opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman.

CHOGM: Tony Abbott, Julie Bishop must not look the other way on Sri Lanka’s human rights situation

When Sri Lankan authorities detained Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon for publicly criticising their human rights record, it reinforced why Sri Lanka is a poor choice of host for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

The gathering of heads of state from 53 nations, which begins on Friday, aims to promote ”common values” including equitable growth, democracy, accountability, rule of law, and human rights. The principles of human rights are enshrined in the Commonwealth’s Harare Declaration of 1991. Sri Lanka’s increasingly authoritarian rule and poor record of accountability for past abuses make a mockery of these principles.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop should take care not to whitewash Sri Lanka’s human rights record.

Assange’s father to start legal action against Tony Abbott, Julie Bishop – January 2, 2014

Julian Assange’s father has engaged a silk to start legal action against Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop over comments relating to his political party’s controversial visit to Syria.

John Shipton came under fire after the Australian WikiLeaks Party sent a delegation to Syria to meet accused war criminal, President Bashar al-Assad.

Mr Shipton is claiming that the comments made by Mr Abbott and Ms Bishop defamed him.

“Because of the defamatory statements made against myself by Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, we have asked barrister Clive A. Evatt to begin defamation proceedings seeking $5 million in damages in each case,” he said.

Abbott-Bishop rift looms: report – 17 Jan, 2013

A contest for the presidency of the federal Liberal Party is threatening to pit Prime Minister Tony Abbott against deputy Prime Minister Julie Bishop, The Australian reports.

According to the newspaper, Danielle Blain – a close ally of Ms Bishop and one of four Liberal vice-presidents – announced her intention to nominate for the position yesterday.

It is speculated she will face off against former deputy Senate leader and Howard government minister Richard Alston, who reportedly has the backing of incumbent Alan Stockdale.

Back in 2011, Mr Stockdale was elected president by one vote, when Mr Abbott backed him at the ballot box, despite a wide expectation he would support challenger Peter Reith, another former Howard government minister.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott will not raise whaling with Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he will not raise the issue of whaling with his Japanese counterpart when they meet in Davos because he does not want to “just go over old ground”.

Julie Bishop says intelligence gathering with US is vital, accuses Edward Snowden of treachery

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop used a major speech in Washington to defend Australia’s joint intelligence operations with the United States and criticise American whistleblower Edward Snowden for his “treachery”.

Australia offers to cooperate with Indonesian probe into claims asylum seekers were burned by Navy officers

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Australia will send officials to Indonesia to assist with an investigation into claims asylum seekers were injured under the direction of Australian Navy personnel if it means the allegations will be quickly “scotched”.

And just so you know, the Australian people are not blaming the Australian navy for anything. The Australian navy are being used by a political party to shield them (the LNP) from their activities on the high seas. The Australian navy should not be placed in this position at all, and the men and women of the Australian navy are only following orders handed down by the Australian Liberal Party. Do not mistake the anger felt, and expressed by the Australian people, about what is occurring on the seas to people seeking asylum, as anger towards the Australian navy, it is not. The government of the day is simply spinning it that way.



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