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Abbott and Hockey: Australia’s off its Political Axis – The Political Melee


With headlines like this: Labor set to support proposed citizenship stripping legislation in full, becoming more of a normality than a rarity as one would have hoped after Abbott’s political demise, its time we examine why…

Tony Abbott altered Australian politics, what was once considered to be the extreme right (either side) is now considered right of centre , what was once considered to be left of centre is now considered extreme leftist, what was once considered right wing, is now considered the centre…

so where does that leave extreme right wingers now?

They are now ultra extreme right wingers.

Abbott and Hockey went about to imitate US style politics and culture and although they achieved nothing else during their time, to quote a lovely woman who was on the television this morning from the Mediterranean, with their “Xenophobic looney government”, they did achieve this warped new reality within Australian politics.

Politicians are now floundering to see where they now fit. We all understand that Australia was knocked off its axis during the Abbott, Hockey, Morrison, Bishop, Bishop, amongst the other right wing political extremists terms in their appointed portfolios, and we, from an observers position can see what has happened. When your in the muck of it however, you can’t always see the rights from the lefts, so they fight each other from platforms that are much the same, but did not start out that way and they do not know what they are doing.

This becomes dangerous because when people used to power, people who have aways had a perception of where they see Australia going forward, lose that focus for whatever reasons, then they continue upon a path most damaging to our country, politically, economically, environmentally and culturally. More disturbing is that fact that their opposition becomes blind sided, because what was once their political platform, has tipped into their opponents and becomes intertwined, and neither knows where one begins and the other ends.

This is what has happened and it has happened because the major political parties are always in a competition to win. They link their policies so closely that such an occurrence was just in the waiting. Rudd began the me tooisms in his fight against Howard and the waters have become murkier and murkier. More and more this political fear has embedded itself into the political culture until it gets to a point where politics for major parties has no other place to go, other than a popularity contest for their self appointed leaders.

The Australian people are so disenfranchised by these events, its no wonder political parties are popping up everywhere, but here’s the rub, all these new political parties are only adding to the political melee because they are proving that the Rudd Abbott Hockey cancer of individualism permeates throughout their parties. They are saying ‘look at me’ when in reality a political party in a democratic nation should be; what can ‘we’ do to help and guide Australia…

A person becoming a political party, then trying to recruit others to their party under their leadership is nothing different to what we already have. There needs to be a decentralisation of power within political parties. There will always be a leader, because most human beings can’t help themselves in their want to follow, but just because you might be a leader, does not mean that everyone else is lesser than you.



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