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A Letter from Fox Trot Compound to the new Minister for ‘Border force’ Mr. Peter Dutton

This is a letter from those people who have sought asylum in Australia and who have been sent to Australian ‘detention (Dictionary meaning: A state of being confined, a punishment)’ centres (detention centre: a large cell where ‘prisoners’ are confined together (in Australia it is called ‘Remand’)) on Manus and Nauru Islands.

Detainees (Dictionary meaning: people held in custody) are pleading with the Australian people to take their cause to the government for them.

Your local member must represent you in regards to government policies. Please read the letter below and remember that the basis to our humanity should begin with kindness, as it once did. The people that this government are confining on islands, in centres that are used for punishment, are to be resettled in places that many in Australia would never visit, so why do we allow the representative democratically elected government act in such an inhumane manner?

Please take a stand for those in need. Please understand that people do not protest in such a manner ie: sewing their lips together, going on hunger strikes etc.. These are peaceful protests to highlight for Australians that we are imprisoning vulnerable people on hostile lands. The reaction to these peaceful protests has been the withholding of fresh water and riots are incited rather than quelled.

Please take a moment to read the letter below from the detainees locked away in the Manus Fox Trot Compound for no other reason than seeking safety and asylum from torturous and murderous places. The letter is addressed to Australia’s border force minister, Mr. Peter Dutton and a plea to the Australian people:




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