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A Laborites Opinion part 2



As a side note, I’ve seen Bill Shorten go off script and I have to say he does very well, he is quick witted, fiery and informed. If minders are trying to run a dirty Abbott campaign that Abbott did under Gillard, then you are wasting opportunities to understand the modern Australian voter.

We all know that the Hockey and Abbott budget is extremely unfair, poorly sold and tears at the heart of Australia and her people but I gotta say, it really comes across as Bill thinking to himself, whilst he addresses another Abbott postirial insertment, that ‘I have certain key words that I must use’ and then proceeds to drop those Shaun Micallef zingers in just a step out of time. Heres a hint, Tony Abbott wasn’t liked and sounded like a nong during his electoral campaigning, and did the same things Bill is being cued to do now, but Tony didn’t win government because everyone wanted Tony, Tony Abbott won government because everyone was so sick to death of the constant abusive behaviour towards Julia Gillard, egged on I have no doubt at that time by Mr. Rudd, and all the hand motions, thought bubbles and 3 word slogans did nothing for Tony Abbott, he comes across as a man always trying to bet on the right horse, be part of the cool kids gang or even asked out to a BBQ by one of ‘his’ workers just to fit in.

Its all fake and Australian’s are much more sophisticated than that. The Australian voter for the most part, actively selects whose policies they desire to be enacted on their behalf. So if Labor are trying to run a campaign like Abbott did, stop it, stop it now! I alwasy get a little smile when I think about the fear that would engulf this Liberal ‘National’ coalition, if after the 2015 budget is announced, Labor and the Greens step forward and announced a coalition, coalesced to best serve the people of Australia.



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