A Final Farewell for Gough Whitlam – Noel Pearson’s; This Old Man

I watched and wept at the beautiful and heartfelt tributes delivered today to farewell the great Labor man Mr. Gough Whitlam.

Each tribute succinctly and reverently regaled the life of Gough, reminding Australians of the great and enduring characteristics of this great mans actions, this great mans existence. The very fact that Gough Whitlam existed, is the very fact that Australians thrives today.

Gough Whitlam’s memorial reveals and reminds much more than this, Gough’s enduring accomplishment’s will lead Australians Labor into their future and Labor, since Gough, will also assist in the leading of Australians, and Australia, into a fair and compassionate future, one that fits the many.

Noel Pearson delivered such a speech that not only did his words fill my eyes with tears and my heart with loss and also pride, but his delivery spoke to every Australian.

His words and his voice still reverberates within my hearing and such a man, who could accomplish so much in so short a time, as Gough did, deserves space on my blog. Please take the 17 minutes to watch Noel deliver this memoriam at Gough Whitlam’s memorial at the Sydney town hall, the Peoples Place as Gough liked to refer to it.




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