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2015: The Year of the ‘LNP Do Over’

The Liberal National Party federal government has reshuffled their cabinet over xmas and it’s been a bit like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

The minister of silence and secrecy, fear and intimidation, the thin lipped oppressor, the dread of the high sea’s has been moved from ‘on water matters’, the portfolio of ‘Immigration and Border Protection’, where the worlds most vulnerable were processed at sea, allegedly housed in/on an Australian prison ship with some sent to places like Manus or Nauru Islands, both given the humanitarian thumbs up by Australia’s infamous Asbestoses Queen and both Australian detention centres located on the Islands receiving outrage and condemnation by the United Nations, and Australian Human Rights Commissions, moved to the portfolio that caters to Australia’s most vulnerable, Minister for Social Services.

Guess I had some unresolved issues lol

The cuts have already begun.

Speaking about Australia’s Asbestos Queen, Murdoch media are unable to admit, in words, their backing of a man to rule Australia was ‘misguided’ to put it lightly.


No, instead the Murdoch press are dipping their tabloid ink into a new horse for the Murdoch stable, Julie, Asbestoses Queen, Bishop for Prime Minister. Bishop has retained her position on the Abbott front-bench, is this a case of Tony keeping his friends close and his enemies closer, who can tell!

Asbestos Bishop

2015 doesn’t seem to be going as well as the Abbott government thought they could make it.



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